The Precious Furs Pet  Resort boarding facilities are open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm,
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm, and Sunday 2:00pm - 5:00pm. There is a staff member who lives on site
for your pets protection as well as a state of the art security system with 24 video monitoring.

The kennel is made up of 42 runs including the "cold kennel". This area is intended for larger dogs
who prefer to be in and out all day, even in winter, These runs measure an amazing 75 feet long by 5
feet wide. This gives your pet ample room to exercise themselves during their stay with us. Each cold
kennel run comes complete with a cot, bedding, and a gravel exterior run for them to play. These
help to keep your pet happier and cleaner. Reservations need to be made early for this area as it is
our most popular and books up
very quickly.

The Downstairs runs are also intended for larger dogs and feature 20 foot long runs. These are
fiberglass on the inside for added cleanliness and asphalt on the outside. This area is also fenced in
for added security for those "Hairy" Houdini's who just love to escape.

The Upstairs is for our smaller or older four legged friends. They boast 15 foot long fiberglass runs
with an inside area of 3'x3'. This gives you pet a quiet place of his own to relax in.

All of our boarding dogs receive a run of their own, cot and/or bedding, toys, treats, and lots of
human attention.

For our feline friends:  The cat room is comprised of 6 cat condos, 2 two-story kitty townhouses, and
3 three-story suites. Each condo has it's own theme with a house to match. The cat room has 2 large
windows to the outside so the cats can watch the birds fly by. The front of the cat room is shared with
the receptionists. This way the kitties have company during the day. (
Please note that we do not
accept unneutered, male cats

We will supply bedding and food (
Bil-Jac for the dogs) for all the animals that stay with us. Special
arrangements for their own food is always welcome. We are also happy to accommodate those pets
with special needs such as those on medications (including insulin), who need one on one walks and
even those who just need to sit on someones lap and snuggle. We also have the ability to board
large dogs who can not climb stairs.

Boarding Extras:
Our many Kennel Comforts:
Paddock Time: This is where a dog really gets to show his or her true colors. Everyday your
dog will be let out into one of our spacious paddocks to run freely and play. This is great for
dogs who are used to having free run as well as those who are going to be with us for an
extended period of time. This is also an option for those dogs that you have trained so well that
they will only do their "business" outside.
One on One Playtime: 15 minutes of quality time with one of our staff members playing ball,
running in the paddock, or whatever makes their tail wag!
Play Group: This is similar to Paddock time, but it allows your pet to interact with other friendly
pets in the paddock area under staff supervision. Wonderful for dogs who just feel the need to
run with the pack. (60 Minutes)
Daily Walks: Great for those dogs that need that one on one interaction or are used to being
walked every day. Your dog will be walked twice a day  for 15 minutes by a member of our staff.
Puppy Play Pack: Not just for puppies, this package offers the best of both worlds! 15 minutes
of quality one on one time in the morning and one 15 minute walk in the evening.
Senior Pet: For our four legged family members who may not want a long walk in the woods,
this is 15 minutes of quality quiet time with a compassionate member of our staff.
Unlimited All Day Play: Your pet will be in and out all day long taking part in a variety of
activities from group, to walks, and 1-on-1 play. Nap time are added between activites to keep
everyone happy and healthy.
Crazy Cat: Let's not forget our feline friends. For them, 15 minutes of crazy fun with one of our
staff members with lots of toys and treats too!
Medication administration: We all need a little help from the doctor once in awhile an we
understand that. For this reason we have med administration services that meet your pets
Grooming: Why not top off your pets stay with us with a full service grooming. We do it all!
Rates (per day):

Cold Kennel: $38.00 for the 1st pet, $35.00 for the 2nd, and $19.00 for each additional pet in the same run.
Downstairs: $33.00 for the 1st pet, $30.00 for the 2nd, and $16.50 for each additional pet in the same run.
Upstairs: $29.00 for the 1st pet, $26.00 for the 2nd, and 14.50 for each additional pet in the same run.
Cat Condo: $15.00 (We recommend only 1 pet stay in this size condo)
Cat Townhouse:  $17.00 for the first pet and $14.00 for the 2nd pet in the same house.
Cat Suite: $21.00 for the first pet, $16.00 for the second, and $11.00 for each additional pet
Ferrets: $17.00 for the first and $14.00 for the second in the same house.
Other Small Animals and Birds: $16.00 in your enclosure
Please note that all rates are based on a day in to day out basis. For example, if you drop
off Friday and pick up on Sunday, that is 3 days.
There is a 1/2 day discount if your pet is picked up by Noon Mon-Sat or by 1pm on Sunday

Prices subject to change
Our Accommodations
Upstairs runs for our friends
under 50 pounds.
Two of the townhouses in our
newly remodeled cat room
and reception area.
Our three story suites in the
cat room.
Upstairs looking into the
inside area from the run
Outdoor paddock areas for the
larger dogs.
Rest areas for the daycare dogs
13 Lovett Rd.         Oxford, MA        01540       Phone:  (508)987-2927        Fax: (508)987-9756        
Downstairs Indoor area
Lil' Mac during his "Crazy Cat" Playtime
"Group Playtime"  with the little kids!
Precious Furs Pet Resort
Precious Furs Pet Resort
Cold Kennel outside runs
Cold Kennel inside area
Cat condo

Paddock time: $5.00 per day
One On One Playtime: $7.00 per day
Play Group: $10.00 per day
Walking (twice a day): $10.00 per day
Puppy Play Pack: $10.00 per day
Senior Pet: $7.00 per day
Crazy Cat: $7.00 per day
Unlimited All Day Play: $20.00 per day
Grooming: Prices on a pet by pet basis
Medication: $3.00 per day  $5.00 for insulin injections

These are an added charge per animal / per day.   
Exercises can be mixed and match and done any number of
times during your pets stay.