The grooming salon offers:

Full Grooming (Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Ferrets, Etc.): And by full grooming we
mean the works! Nails cut, ears cleaned, bath using top of the line SPA
shampoo's, blow dry, bush out and trimmed to the breeds standard or yours.
You name it, we can take care of it. We Groom Cats and Exotics Pets Too!!!
Spa Treatments: We are excited to offer a full line of spa services for your pet.
These services range from blueberry facials (to get rid of those tear stains) to
full body hydro-massage for those tired muscles.
SoftPaws: SoftPaws are simply put on over your pets nails to keep the from
scratching your furniture, your new hardwood floors, or even you, the baby or
Shed Less: This system is amazing. It uses a special coat conditioner to help
pull out all that extra undercoat you are used to finding on your couch. With
regular use, this system will cut your shedding problems down by 70% - 80%.
Medicated Baths: We offer a number of different medicated baths. Please call
for details.
Anal Glands expressed
Flea Services: Frontline, Capstar, and flea baths available. We offer emergency
appointments for severe flea issues.
Rates are dependant on the breed and
current condition of the animal. Call for
more information and an appointment.
About our rates...
It's the end of the day. You have returned to pick up your pet from the grooming salon.
You animal looks and smells wonderful and you are overjoyed to see each other.
Then you get the bill and exclaim
"All that money just for a bath?" Here is an account
of what your pet received at his or her day at the spa.

Basic Grooming Includes:

Pre-bath work:
The nails are filed down using a sanding tool. This makes them nice and smooth
without those sharp edges you can get from cutting them. Then the ears are cleaned
(and plucked if necessary), the groin area is shaved (for sanitary reasons). Lastly they
get a quick brush out and/or shave to remove unwanted or matted fur. You will be
asked at the time of drop-off what exactly you would like for your pets grooming. All
attempts are made to made your pet look the way you want.

Into the tub:
We use top quality botanical shampoos that are gentle on the skin. Your pet is
brushed out as necessary to remove unwanted undercoat. Brushing them during the
bath makes your pet more comfortable. We then rinse them
extensively to remove any
and all traces of shampoo residue. Cream rinse is then applied to return some of the
essential oils to your pets' skin and help condition his/her coat for breeds that require
this. A warm blow drying or hand fluff drying is the next step depending on the breed
and trim that your pet will be receiving.

Finish work:
Now back to the grooming table. Your pet is now brushed and combed out so that no
knots or snarls remain. He or she will then be clipped and scissored to breed standard
or to your personal specifications. This is where many years of experience and
continuing education pays off. Your pet will go home looking his or her very best!

But what else does my money pay for?
When your pet is with us we will be going over their body from nose to tail to check for
any physical problems or concerns. With hairy dogs it is easy for an owner to miss a
very small lump. We have our hands on every inch of your pet. This makes it very
easy to spot things, especially if your pet comes in every 8 weeks as recommended.
Our groomers will train your pet their "table manners". This means learning to stand
on the grooming table to be brushed, clipped, etc. without being anxious. Teaching
that a bath can be fun and that blow dryers are OK. We give them the TLC that they
need so their grooming experience will be a pleasant one.

What isn't included in the basics?

~Use of medicated shampoo's, skunk baths, flea baths, and shedless treatments.
~Time incurred to demat or preform excessive brush outs.
~Having to clip an animal that is overly matted and/or extremely filthy.
~Working with extremely aggressive animals.
Our Grooming Services
A Day At The Precious Furs Pet Resort Spa
On the
ready to
Now for a nail trim...
Or nail buffing. This allows us to get
them shorter with less stress to the
dog and less chance of bleeding
Ear Cleaning! At this point we
are also looking for signs of
infection, ear mites, etc. Plucking
is also done on some breeds.
Pre-trim. This makes for a much
cleaner, uniform look when they
are complete.
Bath time! During this time we have
the opportunity to get our hands
over every inch of your pet, noticing
any lumps, bumps...Anything!
A forced air dryer blows off most
of the excess water
Fluff Dry and Brush Out
Second shave down
and trimming
All finished!
Now that is the face of a satisfied customer
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