Q: When my pet is boarded is he in a pen with other pets?
A: No. All animals have their own individual runs. They are never in direct contact with
other dogs unless you request group playtime. However, if you own two or more dogs
they can (but are not required to) stay together.

Q: Do I need to bring my pets food, toys, and bedding?
A: You can food or treats if you want. We supply bedding for every pet. All the bedding is
changed at least once a day. We have plenty of toys and bones for them to play with. We
serve Bil-Jac food. Bil-jac is a high quality, chicken food that is very easily digested. We
are more than happy to accommodate any special diet, just bring it with you. If you
choose to bring your own food, we ask that you NOT bring a large bag full. They are hard
to store (especially when we have them for each dog)
*Please note that if you do bring in
a toy, you may not get it back or it may be damaged when it is returned. WE DO NOT

Q: Why do you charge by the day and not by the night?
A: Very simply, we are with your pet all day feeding, cleaning, exercising, medicating, and
whatever other attention you pet needs or desires. At night we let them sleep.

Q: Is there anyone at the kennel at night?
A: The owner lives on-site and is there in case of emergencies. There is also 24 hour
video and fire monitoring. Both managers also live within 10-15 minutes of the resort if
extra help is needed in an emergency.

Q: How often does my dog get let out?
A: During the warmer months the larger breeds are let out at 7:00 am and are allowed to
roam from their inside kennel to their outside kennel all day until 9:00 pm. During the
winter they are let out into their back run every 2 hours (plus any extra play packages you
may add). The last time the dogs are let out is 9:00pm. The smaller breeds have heated
indoor/outdoor kennels and they are able to roam in and out all day and night.

Q: I have a short nosed breed that can't stand the hot weather. Do you have air
A: Yes. The entire upstairs (small dog runs, grooming, cat room, daycare rest areas and
lobby) has central air conditioning. The larger runs downstairs are cooled using large fans.
Playtime is also done when the play area is shaded to help keep everyone cool. The
whole kennel is heated in the winter (yes, that includes the "cold kennel").

Q: Do I need an appointment to tour the facility?
A: No. You may stop by whenever it is convenient for you during regular business hours
and a member of our staff will be more than happy to show you around.  THIS POLICY IS

Q: Do I need a reservation to board my pet?
A: Yes.  We have many clients and we try to accommodate everyone, however,
reservations are needed to ensure that we have space for your pet.  This is especially
true during school and summer vacations as well  as around the holidays, and especially if
you want your dog to stay in the cold kennel.

Q: What is the cold kennel?  Is it always cold?
A: The cold kennel got its name from the original owner, Bill Trainor. He was a
professional handler. He wanted a place to keep heavy coated dogs such as huskies
where they could stay in a cooler environment than the other dogs.  Nowadays, the cold
kennel is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is our most popular boarding area
because the run area is so large.  


Q: How many groomers do you have on staff?
A: 2! Lynn Boucher is owner of the resort and while retired, she is always available to lend
her expertise to our groomers and grooms 1-2 days a week to keep appointments
moving. She is also an award winning, nationally certified master groomer. Lynn has been
grooming since 1974. We also have Erica Gabaree who is an award winning groomer in
her own right.. Everyone's bio is listed on the "about us" page.

Q: What is the difference between a certified groomer and a non-certified groomer?
A: Groomers in the state of Massachusetts do not have to be licensed, nor do they have
anyone regulating their business.  A certified master groomer has taken it upon
themselves to better understand the breeds and their grooming needs.  They are tested
by the National Dog Groomers Association of  America on breed standards, pet health,
animal behavior, and animal safety. These tests are both written and performed on
specific breeds. This ensures the NDGAA that the groomer is proficient in all breeds.

Q: Why does my pet have to stay all day?
A: We like to take in all of our grooms for the day between 8 and 8:30am. This allows the
groomer to do all pre-bath work, bathe and dry the pets, then finish them one by one. To
have appointments set up like a beauty salon would mean that fewer animals could be
done in a day. That would raise prices.
Also, by having your pet spend the day, they are able to get breaks between each aspect
of their grooming. This causes less stress to your pet as well as less chance of our
groomer being injured by an over anxious pet. We do try to make exceptions for elderly
pets and pets with uncontrolled seizure or other serious medical disorders.  

Q: My cat can be nasty.  Do you ever use tranquilizers?
A: Never!  Most cats, if given the right environment, will calm down and let you groom
them.  If they are extremely fractious, we will advise you to take them to your own vet to
be anesthetized and groomed there. Lynn is known for her prowess with cats. She now
teaches seminars on cat grooming to other groomers throughout New England to help
them better hone their skills. Some cats are an exception. For those, the owner is notified
and we recommend the cat be sedated at the vet and groomed there. If your vet
prescribes a sedative, we are able to administer that.

Q: Does my dog have to have a 'show dog' haircut?
A: No.  We will groom your dog to your specifications.  Being a master groomer, Our
groomers know how to modify any haircut to suit your needs.  As long as it doesn't harm
your pet.
Frequently Asked Questions
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