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Bonnie & Clyde (we love exotic pets too!)
Relaxing and waiting their turn to be groomed.
we sometimes
have to modify
our work space
for our "elderly"
Most cats really
do like being
bathed and
Yes, the Shedless
treatment does
One on one playtime
Sarek...The man of the house for many
years. You are fondly remembered everyday.
Cody after his day at the spa
Crazy Cat Playtime is FUN!!
Reba. Queen of the resort
Some of our guests...
Anya goes yellow for Easter. She wanted to be a Peep!
Maxwell and
Chandler sitting
on the grooming
table before the
big renovation.  
These two have
been coming to
Lynn for
grooming their
entire lives.
Baily playing with his
favorite toy at home!
Little Zoe's owner was
looking for something
"just a little different!"
Precious Furs Pet Resort
Precious Furs Pet Resort