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Via Facebook

Just wanted to say that last month I had my three cats, smokey, princess and bandit in for a flea
bath and overnight..... I can't thank you enough for how wonderful they came home and the care
you guys took of them. They are my babies and love them like they were my kids, it is nice to be
able to bring them to a place that you have complete trust in. Thank you sooo much again. It takes
special people to take great care of animals and I found them. God bless you all and prayers for
continued success :)
Amy O'Dell McLellan

You have made some really wonderful changes since you took over"
                                        Betty T. (original kennel owner)

My dog Chester loves coming to daycare at your place. As soon as we pull onto the street he
starts to shiver with anticipation! Thanks for all you do!
                                         Jeff C

"I can't believe that every time I come here it smells so clean."
                                        Linda C. C. (a fellow groomer)

"No one will ever groom my Princess but Lynn"
                                        Peg R.

"I was just driving to pick up my son and when Sugar saw the exit to come here she got so
excited   I had to come drop her off to play"
                                         Ann Marie L.

"You really have made some amazing changes here. It feels so homey now"
                                        Deborah D.

"I don't care how much it costs, I will never bring my dog anywhere other than here. We love
Lynn,   heck when it's time to bring Daffney home, she seems to want to stay here."
                                         Colleen B.

e-mails we received-

Thank you for the wonderful grooming Snow received today. I hope he wasn't too rambunctious
during the bath. His brothers and sisters were VERY happy to see him when he came home and,
of course, he smells and feels WONDERFUL.
Thank you again,
Carol and Dennis L.

Hi, We just picked up our dog Sammy a few hours ago. I just wanted you to know how happy we
were. Sam seems so happy and he smells so good! Thanks for taking such great care of our boy!
Bob and Anita K

Dear Precious Furs,
I didn't want to leave my dog in a kennel but I didn't have anyone who would watch him. I was sure
that my dog would be homesick while I was away. I checked out a few places and I'm glad I picked
you. When I pulled up to the kennel to pick Riley up I was thrilled to see him out in a yard running
and playing. He didn't seem homesick at all! Thank you so much for easing my burden. I now know
that I can go away and not have to worry about Riley.
Sincerely, Joan R
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